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Dewy Skin Secrets

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I have struggled with finding a day moisturizer and overnight cream that actually keeps my face hydrated throughout my day. I have very dry skin and until last Fall, I didn’t realize I have very light rosacea on my cheeks until I visited my dermatologist and she informed me that my dry patches on my face were caused by this.

Finally I found an answer to my dry skin…it was all making sense! After using a prescription cream (Soolantra) I use these products throughout my skincare routine and I have seen an even greater improvement. I prefer my skin to look dewy at all times which can be tricky once makeup is applied…but it all starts with what is underneath and having moisturized skin is the first step!



Here is my product breakdown:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: I apply this in the morning before anything else. I love it for its texture, it is light enough to seep into my skin and immediately apply my primer & foundation but thick enough to keep my face plump and moisturized throughout the day.

  2. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream: I have tried many overnight creams and they’ve worked okay, but nothing has worked like this one for me. I apply about a pea size amount as my last step in my routine before bed. It soaks into my skin so well and also stays sitting on my skin (in a good way). When I wake up in the morning my face feels like I still have the cream on my face and is so smooth. I have never waken up with any dry patches since using this cream….amazing.

  3. Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops: These drops are pricey…but I don’t use them everyday. I like to use them on vacation when I don’t wear foundation or I apply a few drops before applying my makeup before a night out. It’s like little drops of sunshine in a bottle.

  4. Oribe Lip Balm: I’ve tried Aquaphor, Vaseline, Burts Bees lip balm and nothing kept mine hydrated…I felt like I was applying it every hour. I was gifted this lip balm from a friend and I am obsessed with it! Once again, pricey for lip balm and I only use it at night before bed. It has a grainy-like texture that exfoliates by lips while also hydrating the sh*t out of them. I wake up and my lips are supple and soft after 8 hours of sleep.

  5. Tom Ford Illuminating Primer: I read a ton of reviews on Sephora’s website before purchasing this without being able to try it. I’m happy with the result, I apply this all over my face before my foundation and it gives a pearl-like, glowy look underneath my makeup.

Alexa Slenders